Master Patient Index

Healthcare organizations usually include myriad systems like patient portals, patient health apps, outreach systems and applications around care co-ordination. They also implement Analytics oriented applications for measuring physician performance, patient outcome, population health analysis and other risk measures. Source for such analysis have to be profiled and converged to de-duplicated patients in the MPI system.

The challenges faced by MPI (abbreviate MPI) during the match and link process are magnified due to organization -specific standards with regards to data quality, completeness, metadata coding, other governance aspects, but also between systems within the same organization.

We at ElogicSquare have built a Master Patient Index solution on our Multi-Tenant Platform. The algorithm is a hybrid model built based on probabilistic and fuzzy matching heuristics, resolving patient identities across systems and organizations leads to:

  • Access to patient's complete medical history
  • Improved quality of care
  • Lowers operational cost
  • Lowers the probability of repeat tests and treatment delays