Data Architecture

LogiCrunch collects electronic feed from various connected EMR and Devices. Health record information in the form of HL7 packets from EMR provides greater flexibility, as this enables retrieval and display of data for multiple tenants and formats irrespective of where the data were collected.

Why there is a need for Data Architecture specific to health Systems and how we are achieving it?

  • Our solution process various electronic health records, Ingest it in our big data storage after tenant-specific validation and verification. We do processing of the collected data through our machine learning modules for further prediction
  • Our solution aimed towards a common data platform which improves the performance of critical systems, reduce infrastructure costs, provide a scalable data governance framework and discover untapped data-driven opportunities with advanced analytics
  • The use of data held in records generated in real time in clinical systems also has the potential to reduce the time it takes to gain knowledge and vital decision-making process of mission-critical Objectives related to Healthcare
  • An ability to analyze and mine very large amounts of data provides policy and decision makers with new insights into varied aspects of work and information flow and patterns and trends and drives greater efficiencies, and safer and more effective health event prediction