Healthcare Warehousing Analytics

The warehousing strategy of ElogicSquare allows transformation of data-sources from multiple tenants into a harmonized representation in a Data-Hub that supports standard analysis, one model to support multiple use-cases. We ensure that our solution also factors where a particular hospital data may be at different sites (registry, claims, practice, et al.) with its source specific-identifiers and nomenclature. Solution hinges on transforming to a standardized OMOP/CDM vocabulary to codify clinical domains of interest (drugs, condition, procedure, measurements).

Such Patient-centric, 360-degree multi-model warehouse yields evidence OR inference abilities within and across hospitals, such as:

  • Clinical Characterization
    • Quality Improvement
    • Natural History
  • Population-Level Estimation
    • Safety Surveillance
    • Comparative effectiveness
    • Design, build and analyze Cohorts of Interest
    • Health outcomes of interest
  • Patient-Level Prediction
    • Precision Medicine
    • Disease interception