Prakash Babu Shivappa

Experience: 8 Years

Tel: +91 9880163133

Professional Experience

Prakash Babu has about eighteen years of experience which includes architecture, Design/Development,Estimations /assessments, production support of custom application and providing Solution Architecture for leading new business initiatives for major Clients.His area of expertise is Object Oriented Design,SOMA Modelling,Micro services Design using Rational Software Architect and functional programming ,Web Application development using Java,Java EE,Scala,Hadoop,Apache Spark Ecosystem and Semantic web.He has worked on various operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, AIX and ZOS. He is also responsible for designing systems using Big Data related technologies and semantic web technologies.He has wide experience in developing applications for both B2B and B2C scenarios using Web-services,restful web-services, message queues, micro-services,web scale message brokers in domains such as Telecom, anufacturing, defense,Mining,Healthcare and Life Sciences sector. He has involved in Client’s Interaction, which involves the activities like Solution,Design, Development, Migration, Integration, Deployment, Estimation and Technical Support.