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ElogicSquare has expertise and experience in AWS and Azure cloud platforms and services.


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Our flagship product ‘LogiCrunch’ throttles out ‘data in motion’ discerning insights and producing actionable indicators. We have used our product to build a multi-tenant healthcare analytics platform, that receives messages from multiple devices, in various shape and form, for each of the tenants. Our metastore ‘LogiCentre’ is the heart of the platform, empowering ‘LogiCrunch’ to be tenant agnostic.

Our Areas Of Expertise

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Real Time Stream Analytics

LogiCrunch from ElogicSquare offers Services and Solutions for Data analytics services and Solutions for real-time and stream processing for IoT, Monitoring, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance.Today's businesses generate a lot of data that tracks user interaction. Statistically, however, very few make use of that data in a meaningful way.

Master Data Management

Master data management (MDM) provides a trusted view of master entities to help achieve customer centric objectives and business results.Company’s First flagship product in this space, LogiMDI, represents the next generation of master data index (MDI) and consumer master data management (MDM) technologies. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is powered by customer matching technology. LogiMDI is the most accurate, easiest to implement, most secure and cost-effective MDI on the market.

Datawarehouse Modernization

Traditional data warehouses were built with online transaction processing (OLTP)-centric technologies and architectures that are old technology. These data warehouses were never designed to handle the volume, variety and velocity of today’s data-centric application.

Big Data Analytics & Consulting Services

ElogicSquare has been designing and implementing Big data analytics solutions in Manufacturing, Healthcare, and other industries. ElogicSquare’s Big Data Engineering services enable organizations to conceptualize and implement a well-thought-out Big data program across multiple domains and focus areas.




Case Study

DATA Warehouse modernization

Our solution resulted in migrating the compete legacy dataset into the Hadoop ecosystem. Process engineered to migrate the data in full-dumps, as well as incrementally. Validation framework, to validate migrated data, metadata and other workloads.

Case Study

Predict patient critical condition in Real-Time

Logi-Crunch a multi-tenant, scalable healthcare analytics platform that transforms and enriches these sensor data into a manageable dataset Predicts code-blue pathway, septic pathway, CART rule-based-scores in real-time Platform is built on micro-service principles with a plug and play model.

Case Study

Patient De-duplication

Logi-MPI is an EMPI engine, powered by a probabilistic patient record matching algorithm. Engine is configurable and the attributes weights could be throttled based on their sensitivity